How do I get textbooks?
Each course will provide a link to an outside source to purchase books; however, textbooks may be purchased from a source of the student’s choosing.
Do I need to take the modules in a certain order?
Modules within a certificate may be taken in any order. Modules in one certificate must be completed before taking modules in the next certificate.
How many weeks do I have to complete a module?
Modules are designed to be completed in 8 weeks. Extensions may be granted with a minimal fee.
How many modules can I take at a time?
You may take one or two modules at a time.
Are PBI modules just “online courses?”
They are primarily facilitated online through Canvas (online learning software); however, students will be able to communicate directly with the course facilitator to discuss course topics.
How long will it take to complete 13 modules?
If you take one module at a time, you can expect to complete 4 or 5 modules in a year.