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Ploughshares Bible Institute is designed to provide the learner with in-depth biblical and theological education in an online format. The ideal PBI student would be one who desires to more fully understand and put into practice the peaceful Kingdom Jesus established within the community of the Church.

PBI is not an accredited learning platform but it is written, developed, and facilitated by men and women with relevant accredited education and experience teaching related subjects in the college, university, and church setting.

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Prior to PBI, Mr. Axton has been an exceptional aid to me when it comes to comprehending the Word of God in a peaceable and practical way. PBI will not disappoint the student who is seeking to understand and be grasped by God’s Word. The first class I took was mind opening and I am sure the rest of them will be as well. As a missionary and student, in my mind there is no doubt that PBI is and will be insightful and a game changer in my teaching, preaching, reaching and equipping of others. Totally recommended, 5 stars!

Allan Contreras